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Bamboo Sleep Bags | Prints (Size) 0-6M

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Sleep Bags:

In our opinion, there’s no better feeling than curling up in bed with a cozy duvet! That’s exactly the feeling we aspired to duplicate for your babes when designing these quilted bamboo sleep bags.

With 95% bamboo outer AND inner layers, these sleep bags are silky smooth, breathable, ultra comfortable and the perfect addition to any bedtime routine. The only material that comes into contact with your sweet babe is silky soft bamboo. This means that if the weather is warm, you can skip the sleeper and put baby right into their sleep bag in just a diaper and be sure that there's nothing but bamboo rubbing up against them. We designed our sleep bags with NO THREADS exposed inside. No more worrying about threads coming loose and wrapping around baby's toes in their sleep. 

Available in sizes 0-6M, 6-18M & 18-36M. Please note that these ranges are guidelines only and specific measurements are outlined below. 


Crib Sheets: 

It only makes sense that baby's sheets are as soft as their PJs! Introducing Pip + Phee Bamboo Crib Sheets!

These crib sheets are designed to fit a standard size North American crib mattress & we didn't "cut any corners" when perfecting them!

  • 52" x 28" 
  • 95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex
  • The perfect amount of stretch for a nice, snug fit on even the deepest mattresses
  • Thick, high-quality 360° elastic keeps mattress in place
  • Ships in bamboo reusable sack for storage (or just use it to store diapers, wipes, toys, etc.)

Sleeper Size Guidelines:

  • Newborn - < 10 lbs (up to 22”)
  • 0-3 months - 8-12 lbs (up to 23”)
  • 3-6 months - 12-15 lbs (up to 25”)
  • 6-9 months - 15 - 18 lbs (up to 27”)
  • 9-12 months - 18-21 lbs (up to 28”)
  • 12-18 months - 21-24 lbs (up to 31”)

Sleep Bag Sizing:

Measured from shoulder height.

0-6M - Bag Length 73 cms

6-18M - Bag Length 86 cms

18-36M - Bag Length 102 cms 

Pip + Phee sleep bags are designed slightly wider at shoulders/arm holes than some other bamboo sleep bags in order to make it easier on baby's shoulder blades when taking them on and off. 

Always try sleep bags on before removing tags and washing to ensure the proper fit.

Proper Fit:

1. Sleep bag should not be so loose at the neck that it can easily be pulled over baby's nose and mouth - if it can touch their nose and mouth, ensure it can easily fall back down into place on their chest.

2. There should be extra room at the bottom of the sleep bag for baby to grow into it and baby should be able to freely move their legs and hips to ensure proper development.

We recommend washing your Pip + Phee products inside out with the zipper zippepd up. A gentle detergent, delicate cycle (quick wash, if possible), cold water & with like fabrics is the most ideal. If you choose to put your products in the dryer, please do so on low heat. A small amount of shrinkage can be expected.

A FEW REASONS YOU'LL LOVE our crib sheets

deep sides

Our 95% bamboo, 5% spandex crib sheets are designed with extra deep sides to fit even the thickest crib mattresses.

fabric bags

Our crib sheets come in a bamboo bag that is perfect for toting around extra toys, stashing diapers or wipes, or organizing your diaper bag!

Extra Stretchy, super snug

95% bamboo & 5% spandex means that our crib sheets are super stretchy and easy to get onto the mattress, but the high quality elastic band makes sure it stays snugly in place for even the most active sleepers.

A FEW REASONS YOU'LL LOVE our sleep bags

ideal shoulder width

Our bamboo sleep bags are designed slightly wider at the shoulder for ease of use & comfort. The added width around the arms and upper back allows for easy transfers and a smooth surface for baby's chin to rest against.

XL, Padded zipper garage

Our extra large zipper garage has the same filling as the sleep bag, making sure that the easy access, two-way zipper stays away from baby's chin while they snooze.

no exposed threads

Our sleep bags are designed with no exposed threads on the inside of the bag for maximum durability, and a sock-free sleep you can trust. Don't worry about threads coming loose inside while baby wiggles in their sleep OR about having to wash inside out.

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Premium Fabrics

95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex for a luxuriously soft snooze.


We're not happy unless you are! We offer a warranty on all of products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Material is amazing

I purchased a sleep sack and three sleepers during an amazing sale. I have a sleep sack from a very popular brand and I washed it just like the instructions said and it piled and it looked faded almost immediately. The pip and phee material washes amazingly and still has no signs of wear after a couple months of use. I also love the size of the arm holes and the large zipper cover. Makes it easy to put on and take off.

I also love the sleepers and they look so cute as pajamas or with a sweater over top!

Caitlin Kelly
The best!

The sleepers are sooo buttery soft & cozy, our girl LOVES them and looks so cute wearing them. They make our lazy jammie days actually cute.
The sleep bags are top notch, I can rest easy knowing my daughter will be warm & snug all night.

Hilary Howes
Bamboo sleepsack

This product comes exactly as described so well made and the fabric is incredibly soft plus the design is so cute! and it fits my baby perfectly with room to grow I love the wide back I don’t feel like I’m squishing his shoulders trying to get him in it I will 100% buy from this company again so happy with my purchase


Love love love!

Andrea Featherstone
Sleep Bag & Two Piece Sleeper

PHENOMENAL. This is the best quality sleep bag I’ve ever found for either of my boys. My 18 month old is quite big for his age and this brand is the only one of high quality that gives him lots of room to grow!

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