I'm Haleigh, and I'm the founder of Pip + Phee. Pip is a nickname that I was given by my loving parents when I was young because I was just a little "pipsqueak" -- needless to stay, it's stuck around and I don't remember the last time my mom called me Haleigh!

Before starting Pip + Phee I worked in the baby space for many years as a buyer and in marketing, where I had the privilege and opportunity to review TONS of different products in all categories of baby must-haves. I am also a registered CPST (child passenger safety technician) and am super passionate about car seat safety!

My fiance is a professional hockey player, so we've done our fair share of traveling -- my baby did his 9th flight the day after his first birthday!

I'm asked constantly by friends and family (and many of you!) for recommendations & advice on baby items -- so this is where I'll share!

Feel free to send me any DMs (@pipand.phee) on Instagram if you have any questions that I haven't covered on the blog!


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