Teddy Moon Pacifier Holders

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Our Teddy Moon Pacifier Holders not only look cute & provide baby with a comfort item, they're also practical! Our Pacifier Holder makes it easier to find your pacifier in the diaper bag, purse or stroller/car seat. 

  • Lightly filled for a high quality feel
  • Moon measures 5" in height
  • 3 3/4" ribbon (about 2.5" when attached to pacifier - not long enough to dangle too low when baby is lying down)

Colour: Beige

Reminder: The AAP recommends keeping soft objects such as pillows, pillow-like toys, quilts, comforters, mattress toppers, fur-like materials, and loose bedding, such as blankets and nonfitted sheets, away from an infant's (under a year old) sleep area. 

Sleeper Size Guidelines:

  • Newborn - < 10 lbs (up to 22”)
  • 0-3 months - 8-12 lbs (up to 23”)
  • 3-6 months - 12-15 lbs (up to 25”)
  • 6-9 months - 15 - 18 lbs (up to 27”)
  • 9-12 months - 18-21 lbs (up to 28”)
  • 12-18 months - 21-24 lbs (up to 31”)

Sleep Bag Sizing:

Measured from shoulder height.

0-6M - Bag Length 73 cms

6-18M - Bag Length 86 cms

18-36M - Bag Length 102 cms 

Pip + Phee sleep bags are designed slightly wider at shoulders/arm holes than some other bamboo sleep bags in order to make it easier on baby's shoulder blades when taking them on and off. 

Always try sleep bags on before removing tags and washing to ensure the proper fit.

Proper Fit:

1. Sleep bag should not be so loose at the neck that it can easily be pulled over baby's nose and mouth - if it can touch their nose and mouth, ensure it can easily fall back down into place on their chest.

2. There should be extra room at the bottom of the sleep bag for baby to grow into it and baby should be able to freely move their legs and hips to ensure proper development.

We recommend washing your Pip + Phee products inside out with the zipper zippepd up. A gentle detergent, delicate cycle (quick wash, if possible), cold water & with like fabrics is the most ideal. If you choose to put your products in the dryer, please do so on low heat. A small amount of shrinkage can be expected.

Customer Reviews

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The moon makes for easy soother finding in the middle of the night.

Kelsey Toole

Teddy Moon Pacifier Holders


Love this for her pacifier! So cute

Stephanie Carson
Teddy Moon Pacifier Holder

Love the material & quality! It’s a really cute neutral teddy moon that can be unisex to use for future babies. My fav little announcement accessory & for little babe afterwards. BUY IT! :)


My baby literally has not let go of this since I gave it to him. He is so in love with it.